Michael Sodnik

Welcome to the world of Michael Sodnik, an artist, musician, producer, and engineer from Milwaukee, WI. 
Music has always been at the center of Michael’s life. His father’s operatic voice echoed throughout his childhood home, inspiring Michael to develop his own voice.
He started in the church choir and eventually picked up the violin and guitar. 
In college, Michael studied music performance, business, and audio production.
He continues to enjoy the spirit of music and what it brings to himself and to other people.


Michael Sodnik has composed and released 3 studio albums, and performs orginal music solo and with a full band. 
His dynamic sound is built on intricate chord progressions, hypnotic grooves, and topped with his velvety vocal melodies and effortless harmonies.


Upcoming opportunites to see Michael Sodnik’s live performances!


Here are some examples of Michael’s mixing and mastering work:

Will Rose ‘Wilted’

Brendan Demet ‘B-25’


Michael is available for session work as a guitarist, pianist, bassist, vocalist, and voice-over artist.
Michael has an in-home studio and has a reputation for reliability and quality.


Michael has worked with many talented artists including Abby Jeanne, ANDII, Emily Zimmer, Keshena Armon, Kolestrand, Max Devereaux, and Nelson Devereaux. He also created a podcast called Food Styley with Ben Bruns.

Abby Jeanne - Somebody To Love(cover)

Nelson Devereaux - Bad Water

Food Styley Podcast

Max Devereaux - Howdy

The Zimmer Effect - My Reasons for My Reason Why


Photos and videos of past performances:

No Studios Live Session:

Mr. Nice Guy Episode: